February 22, 2024

Justice department clarifies investigation into Trump papers

Justice department clarifies investigation into Trump papers

WASHINGTON: 184 classified documents, some of which were marked “top secret,” and which contained sensitive information about government informants and intelligence gathering were among the documents that former president Donald Trump removed from the White House, according to new information released by the US Department of Justice on Friday.

On Friday, a heavily redacted affidavit about records at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate was made public, but it contained no significant new information. However, since a large portion of the 32-page document is still under secret, the information in it can assist explain why the Justice Department requested court authorization for a search on August 8.

The Justice Department stated the information must be kept private in a different document that was made public on Friday in order to protect numerous civilian witnesses, law enforcement, and the objectivity of the investigation. That court document was also heavily redacted.

A significant escalation in one of the numerous federal and state investigations Trump is facing both from his time in office and in his company was highlighted by an FBI search of the Florida club on August 8. The former Republican president has hinted that he would run for president once more. The hunt, in his words, was politically driven.

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