February 24, 2024

IT businesses provide the Alkhidmat Foundation 15 million for flood aid

IT businesses provide the Alkhidmat Foundation 15 million for flood aid

In these times of extraordinary problems, the Pakistan Software Houses Association (P@SHA) and the Alkhidmat Foundation have teamed up to help ease the suffering of the flood victims. P@SHA member companies have given the Alkhidmat Foundation a total of $15 million, and more donations are on the way.

P@SHA started the relief exercise to aid fellow Pakistanis in need since it is a responsible association determined to contribute to the growth of Pakistan. Alkhidmat Foundation will make sure that help and food supplies are delivered on the ground in an open, careful, and diligent manner.

These supplies include raw food items like rice, flour, and lentils for people stuck in homes due to flooding outside; medical supplies for elderly, sick, mothers, and children; linen sheets; clean drinking water; dry foods like ready-to-eat black channa, dates, and biscuits; packaged milk and juices; formula milk powder for children of various ages; stitched or ready-to-wear clothes; plastic shoes; hygiene products; and dry goods like water-proof tents, plastic shoes, and hygiene products.

Chairman Badar Khushnood stated that “P@SHA issued a plea two weeks ago to its member companies to donate kindly and contribute actively in this need of the hour; which has resulted in millions of families being displaced as one-third of Pakistan is trying to drown due to the floods and have lost shelter.

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