December 9, 2023

Indus Motor boosts vehicle pricing in response to the weakening of the rupee

Due to the ongoing weakness of the Pakistani rupee versus the US dollar and growing raw material prices, the Indus Motor Company (IMC) has raised the prices of locally produced versions of the Corolla, Yaris, Fortuner, and Revo.

Although it should be mentioned that the corporation decided to temporarily halt its auto production facilities from August 1–13 due to challenges importing raw materials, the price changes went into effect on July 28. The corporation has also suspended all reservations for automobiles.

The base price of the Yaris 1.3 and 1.5 increased from Rs760,000 to Rs910,000 during this time. The Yaris 1.5, therefore, starts at Rs. 4.569 million. Between Rs2.530 million and Rs3.160 million more was spent on the Toyota Fortuner, with the new pricing for the Fortuner 2.7 G and Fortuner Legender Diesel being Rs12.489 million and Rs15.839 million, respectively.

For its various modifications, Revo’s price range increased from Rs1.830 million to Rs2.270 million. A Hilux E unit now costs Rs9.039 million, an increase of Rs1.680 million.

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