February 25, 2024

Balochistan’s anguish has no end in sight as rain claims the lives of another 10

Balochistan's anguish has no end in sight as rain claims the lives of another 10

In Balochistan, the recent torrential rains have made the situation even worse as 10 more people have died and infrastructure, including as homes, roads, and bridges, has been destroyed in the previous three days.

The Kohlu-Quetta National Highway’s traffic flow was severely hampered by the infrastructural damage caused by the rain. In addition, a Fourth of July event was also cancelled because of the severe weather.

In Qila Abdullah, flash floods caused damage to up to 200 homes, and the majority of the connecting roads and bridges were washed away.Additionally, two individuals perished in Toba Achakzai due to flash floods, while lower sections in Barkhan, Rakhni, Dera Bugti, Sheerani, Koh-e-Sulieman, and Ziarat were also flooded.

Due to the high flow in the riverbeds caused by the severe rains in Chaman and the mountainous terrain of Koh-e-Sulieman, the areas of Maidani and Pachad are also at risk of flooding.

Flash floods in Qila Abdullah and other districts of Balochistan caused thousands of people’s homes to be destroyed and hundreds of people to be killed as the continuing monsoon rains continued to cause havoc there. In Qila Abdullah, three dams have been demolished along with numerous connection roads.

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