September 25, 2023

Balochistan experiences more flash floods that trap 500 people

Balochistan experiences more flash floods that trap 500 people

QUETTA: Balochistan was devastated by severe rains and river torrents, which imprisoned at least 500 people, including women and children.Several regions of the province have been flooded by nonstop lashing showers. Houses, businesses, and places of business were flooded.

Over a hundred villages were predicted to be flooded as the Bolan River’s flood surge broke the Sabri Dam.The Quetta-Taftan National Highway was shut down after floodwaters once more swept away the Jadidabad bridge. The gas supply to Quetta was halted while the flood stream wiped away the gas pipeline at Bibi Nani.

Additionally, floodwater raced through villages near Chaman and entered the FIA and Customs offices at Bab-e-Dosti as well as a village near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. Chest-deep floodwater has trapped numerous individuals on a road.Armed forces personnel, including members of the FC, Pak Army, and Levies, are hard at work on a rescue operation to get stranded individuals to safety.

Additional severe rains created additional flood streams in Jafarabad, Naseerabad, and Sohbatpur, causing problems for the locals. In the meantime, things in Sanjawi have gotten even worse.Because of recent torrential downpours and flash floods throughout the province, tents, food, and medications are in short supply.

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