February 24, 2024
Sci & Tech

After criticism, Instagram is testing support for taller images

A week or two from now, according to Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri, Instagram will begin testing 9:16 ultra-tall photographs. The goal of Mosseri’s Instagram project was to pair tall videos with tall images.

Instagram currently only supports 4:5 photographs, which must be cropped appropriately. However, the introduction of 9:16 images will allow for the fitting of taller, slimmer images that will completely fill the phone screen.

Photographers blasted the social networking app for damaging their work when it tried to mimic a TikTok-style design with a 9:16 display frame. Mosseri repeatedly acknowledged that the full-screen photo experience wasn’t the best while using the app’s test features.

The business wants to promote the experience of taking really tall photos without requiring them everywhere.According to the company’s analytics, users are less likely to appreciate the new Instagram appearance and are thus using the app less.

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