September 24, 2023

A military vessel from China docks in Sri Lanka

A military vessel from China docks in Sri Lanka

HAMBANTOTA: Despite worries from India and the US about its suspected eavesdropping activities, a Chinese research vessel brimming with antennae and communication equipment moored at Sri Lanka’s Chinese-run port of Hambantota on Tuesday.

According to officials, the Yuan Wang 5 reached the deep-sea port after receiving authorization to enter Sri Lankan waters on the condition that it would not conduct any research.Colombo requested Beijing to postpone the visit after India objected since it shares Western concerns about Chinese actions in the region.

The visit was initially scheduled to come last week.However, on Saturday, Sri Lanka declared a U-turn, announcing that permission was restored to dock at the southern port and remain for six days.

This came after lengthy talks.Yuan Wang 5’s visit was described by the Chinese ambassador to Sri Lanka, Qi Zhenhong, as a part of “regular exchanges between the two countries.”At a ceremony to welcome the ship, Qi told reporters, “China and Sri Lanka enjoy exceptional friendship.

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