September 22, 2023
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The Twitter war involving Elon Musk entered a new phase

The Twitter war involving Elon Musk entered a new phase

WASHINGTON: A US judge ordered Twitter to hand over more information to Elon Musk on bogus accounts on Thursday, a crucial matter the billionaire is relying on to attempt and get his takeover offer revoked.While giving the Tesla CEO’s team a chance to support its claim that Musk was deceived, Judge Kathaleen McCormick reprimanded them for making “absurdly broad” requests for “trillions upon trillions of data points.”

The judge ordered Twitter to turn over data on 9,000 accounts that the company audited by the end of 2021, which makes it possible for Musk to utilise the information in his attempt to renegotiate the $44 billion transaction. Without going into further detail, McCormick stated in her four-page decision that “some additional data from plaintiff (Twitter) is required.”

Musk claimed that Twitter was lying about the amount of fictitious or spam accounts, which prompted vehement denials and a lawsuit from the social media company that resulted in a trial that has been scheduled for mid-October.In a hearing on Wednesday, Musk’s attorneys fought hard to get the company to release a tonne of documents while capitalising on a recently exposed Twitter whistleblower’s allegations of major problems at the company.

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