February 22, 2024

Resham is in hot water after she dumps food-filled plastic bags in a river

Resham is in hot water after she dumps food-filled plastic bags in a river

LAHORE: Online users criticised actress Resham for her foolish “act of kindness” that put marine life in peril. Resham, a seasoned star of Lollywood, visited Charsadda’s flood-stricken neighbourhoods. Resham met with each flood victim and distributed supplies like food and water.

Everyone was satisfied with Resham’s effort until she got carried away with herself, opting to feed the local marine life from the top of a bridge. One by one, she begins tossing snacks and bread into the river. She was afterwards observed hurling plastic wrappers, kitchenware, and bags made of polythene.

The actress was forced to remove her “act of kindness” video from media, but internet users criticised her for not knowing that it was a “criminal offence”.The actress issued a statement in response to harsh criticism, saying, “I admit to committing mistakes by throwing in the plastic, but women are being raped every day, and violence against women is on the rise in an unsettling way, yet they’re all blinded by a piece of plastic.

“Because I was only making a sadqah, they live in a fool’s paradise. I’ve tested positive for Covid-10 twice, and as a result, I tend to be forgetful. I have been in Charsadda, subtly assisting thousands of victims in the disaster-stricken region.

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