November 28, 2023

Pakistan shares global concerns about the spread of weapons of mass destruction

Pakistan shares global concerns about the spread of weapons of mass destruction

ISLAMABAD: Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Hina Rabbani Khar has said Pakistan is a responsible state with advanced nuclear technology and remains fully cognizant of its obligations to nonproliferation and disarmament.

On Monday, she told an international conference in Islamabad that Pakistan shares global worries about the proliferation of weapons of mass devastation.

According to Hina Rabbani Khar, Pakistan ranks out as a country with a comprehensive legislative, regulatory, and administrative structure in place to effectively oversee the flow of sensitive products and technology in order to stop their diversions to non-peaceful ends. She insisted that our export control program meets worldwide export control requirements and best practices…..

The Minister of State recalled that Pakistan applied to join the Nuclear Supplies Group (NSG) in 2016. She stated that Pakistan is certain that its knowledge, skills, and strong collaboration credentials will assist the NSG to achieve its non-proliferation goals. She stated that the NSG should decide on an objective criterion of non-NPT state membership that is not discriminatory.

According to the Minister of State, Pakistan has a comprehensive program in place to exploit the maximum potential of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. In this regard, we have the necessary expertise, infrastructure, and human resources. She noted that our country’s stated goal is to increase nuclear energy capacity to at least 50,000 megawatts by 2050.

She stated that Pakistan hopes to collaborate with the international community to build an all-encompassing & comprehensive framework of cooperation in this field while efficiently fulfilling the goal of non-proliferation. He stated that this cooperation

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