February 23, 2024

Gulf countries demand that Netflix remove any offending content

Gulf countries demand that Netflix remove any offending content

Gulf Arab nations have urged US streaming juggernaut Netflix to remove material that they consider to be insulting to “Islamic and cultural values” in the area.Although the substance was not specified, it was noted that it had kid-friendly material. In a programme on the subject, the Saudi government-run Al Ekhbariya TV aired cartoon clips that appeared to show two girls cuddling.

According to a statement from the General Commission  in Riyadh, which includes Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, and Kuwait, the content violates media laws in the Gulf Cooperation Council.Without going into further detail, it stated that “appropriate legal measures will be taken” if Netflix continues to show the content.

In a similarly phrased statement, the UAE said on Tuesday that it would monitor Netflix material in the following days and “evaluate its commitment to broadcasting restrictions” in the nation.Many Muslim-majority countries criminalise same-sex partnerships, and authorities in those countries have in the past banned films that depict such relationships, while also occasionally censoring films that contain profanity or illegal drug usage.

Because it has characters that are in a same-sex relationship, the animated feature film “Lightyear” from Walt Disney-Pixar was earlier this year outlawed in the UAE and other Muslim countries.

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