February 24, 2024

Celebrities congratulate Saim Sadiq as “Joyland” is given green light, bringing back joy

Celebrities congratulate Saim Sadiq as "Joyland" is given green light, bringing back joy

In Pakistan, the concrete barrier separating free speech and authoritarian rule appears to have cracked for the first time in a long time because to hashtags. The release date for Saim Sadiq’s masterwork has been pushed back to November 18 because, although being as strong and rigid as ever, the banning culture may not have had enough justifications to defend itself against the artistic genius that is Joyland.

Pakistan’s official Oscar entry has been approved after the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting revoked its exhibition licence months after the federal government had issued it due to complaints of “objectionable material that does not conform with the social values and moral standards of our society.”

Celebrities are relieved that the government took the required actions to allow the film—which has made Pakistan proud across the world—to be published. Many of them had been organising for the movie with the hashtag “Release Joyland” against a bombardment of “Ban Joyland” zealots.Many people praised team Joyland on social media for resisting the pressure of “smear campaigns” in celebrating the decision’s reversal, which was made subject to “minimal cuts” in the feature.

Salutations to the entire crew, Sajal stated in an Instagram Story. Let’s bring home the Oscar, she exclaimed. With trophy emojis, singer Ali Sethi announced the good news on his Instagram Story. Saim was tagged by Hira Mani to respond, “Yay, finally! I am ecstatic for you and the ensemble. With a resounding “Yes!” actor Adnan Malik shared the news report as well.

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