February 23, 2024

Biden claims that the US COVID pandemic “is over”

Biden claims that the US COVID pandemic "is over"

WASHINGTON: In an interview that was broadcast on Sunday, US President Joe Biden declared that the COVID pandemic in the country had ended.

Given that COVID restrictions have been mostly eliminated countrywide and travel has resumed to pre-pandemic levels, the comments reflect the current situation of much of US society.
“The epidemic has ended. COVID is still a concern for us. The pandemic is finished, but we still have a lot of work to do on it, ‘ “60 Minutes.” “in an interview that was recorded last week as he was moving around the Detroit Auto Show.

As he pointed around the hall, Biden added, “If you observe, nobody’s wearing masks.

“Everyone appears to be in generally good health. I, therefore, think it is changing. The president’s remarks, however, came just a few weeks after his administration asked Congress for billions of dollars in funding to support its testing and immunization programs through a predicted fall wave.

The Detroit event, which is being held for the first time since 2019, gained attention because of the ego “car guy” Biden’s trip to Michigan last week.

Biden emphasized recent legislation approved to promote US automakers’ transition to electric vehicles in a keynote speech, as well as significant new investments in semiconductor production.

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