September 24, 2023

Barcelona signs a digital 100 million euro agreement

Barcelona signs a digital 100 million euro agreement

Barcelona, a struggling Spanish football team, revealed on Friday that it has sold a portion of its media production division, “Barca Studios,” for 100 million euros. Last year, as the club dealt with an economic crisis brought on by a loss of revenue owing to Covid and poor management, Barcelona was forced to reduce player salaries and offload its star Lionel Messi.

According to Barcelona, their new partner has “a lengthy history of providing content.” According to the club, the agreement matched one made  to grow their NFT business. Barcelona, a team that is highly indebted, has sold off various stakes in potential future earnings in an effort to reestablish themselves as a dominant force in La Liga and the Champions League.

The club’s sizable fan base is its most valuable asset, and this most recent agreement for the sale of NFTs and derivatives provides an easy solution. Barcelona has strengthened their team by spending 153 million euros alone on transfer fees, with Robert Lewandowski being the most noteworthy newcomer.

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