November 28, 2023

Atiqa Odho will amaze Turkish viewers in new drama “Koyu Beyaz”

Atiqa Odho will amaze Turkish viewers in new drama "Koyu Beyaz"

In her international acting debut in the Turkish drama Koyu Beyaz, Atiqa Odho is poised to represent Pakistan with pride. Odho moved ahead to raise the bar for the actors back home in light of the nation’s increasing viewership for Turkish shows.

On the Koyu Beyaz set, the 54-year-old was joined by well-known actors like Nisa Bölükbaş, Atakan Hoşgören, Atabiq Mohsin, and Ebru Akel. The Dasht actress shared details of her newest endeavour online with her followers.

Odho uploaded a photo with a message for the actor in the description.”Greetings from the Off White family, Atiqa Odho. Working with you is something we value highly.

We wish you luck as you participate in the shooting marathon. Our anticipation for the premiere episode is high. Upcoming on TRT digital is Off White, “Turkish media production made a joke.

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