February 24, 2024

Another mass transit project is scheduled to begin in Islamabad in 2023

Another mass transit project is scheduled to begin in Islamabad in 2023

The government of Islamabad is working on a comprehensive plan for a new kind of contemporary transportation for the people who live in the federal capital.The project foundation will reportedly be laid by the prime minister, Shehbaz Sharif, who reportedly gave the municipal management instructions to create the design.

The federal capital’s prominent university’s scholars designed the mass transit system, which will initially have 13 lines but eventually have more. Furthermore, as part of the project, contemporary bus and station terminals will be constructed, and the first phase will see the operation of 200 Chinese buses on 13 routes. A 2023 start date has been set for the project.

Planned Routes

The project’s routes 1 and 2 will connect Police Foundation and Faiz Ahmed Faiz Station, Allama Iqbal Open University and Potohar Station, respectively. Route 3 will connect Shifa International Hospital and I-8 Markaz, and Route 4 will connect PIMS Hospital and Embassy Road via G-7, G-6, Melody Market, and NADRA stop.

In the meanwhile, routes 5 and 6 will be run between D-12 and G-10, F-11 and F-8 Markaz, and G-11, G-10, G-9, and G8 Markaz, respectively.Similarly, route 3B will go from Aabpara to Taramri Chowk, Nilore, and up to Khana Bridge, while route 9 will run from Pirwidhai Chowk to Faizabad on IJP Road.

Route 3A will connect PIMS Hospital and Secretariat via Jinnah Super Market. Route 11 will connect I-16 and 26 Number Chungi, and route 10B will go from 17 to 26 Number Chungi.

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