September 22, 2023

21 provincial ministers are sworn in by Governor Punjab

21 provincial ministers are sworn in by Governor Punjab

Governor of Punjab Baligh-ur-Rehman gave the oath to 21 provincial ministers on Saturday. These individuals will serve in the cabinet of incoming chief minister Pervez Elahi. The Governor’s House in Lahore served as the location for the swearing-in event.

The cabinet now includes PTI leaders Murad Ras, Yasmin Rashid, Muhammad Mohsin Khan Leghari, Raja Basharat, and Khurram Shahzad Virk, among others.

Given that PTI’s Omar Sarfaraz Cheema, the previous governor, did not appoint PML-Hamza N’s Shahbaz as chief minister and that after the position changed hands, Rehman did not administer the oath to PML-Pervez Q’s Elahi, it was rumoured that Rehman, a member of the PML-N, might not swear in the PTI and PML-Q lawmakers.

At the swearing-in event, CM Elahi and other dignitaries were also present. Elahi congratulated the newly appointed ministers and expressed his trust in their ability to carry out their duties effectively. It is hoped that the provincial ministers will work continuously on behalf of the people and fulfill their needs in Punjab.

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