March 2, 2024

Twitter rebuts Jimmy Fallon’s offensive joke against PM Shehbaz Sharif

Twitter rebuts Jimmy Fallon's offensive joke against PM Shehbaz Sharif

Jimmy Fallon, a comedian, found the Pakistani premier’s brief fumble with headphones while preparing for an interview with Vladimir Putin so amusing that he included a video of the incident on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

He was called out for his boldness to make fun of a political leader when he, an American, really elected Donald Trump by social media users in Pakistan who found his humor to be “insensitive” and “poor taste.” Twitter users also drew notice to how a 70-year-old Pakistani man having trouble using technology got his attention, but not the 33 million people in the nation who were impacted by the disastrous floods.

The aforementioned clip is from Sharif’s encounter with Putin last week outside of the 22nd Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit when the Pakistani premier called for a technical crew to assist in fixing his translation gadget while the Russian president calmly waited. However, the earpiece fell shortly after Sharif had fixed it, and he embarrassedly attempted to catch it on his lap.

On his show, Fallon played the trending video and said, “That guy is the leader of 220 million people.”Hey Jimmy Fallon, have you talked about the horrific floods destroying Pakistan? said one irate Twitter user in response to the comedian’s silence on a climate calamity. Climate change is destroying “a nation of 220 million people” because of the wastefulness and avarice of YOUR nation. You are not allowed to make fun of us if you haven’t donated to or raised money for us.

Another laughed inconsolably, calling it “tone deaf.” They wrote, “It’s profoundly disgusting that Jimmy Fallon chose to mock the misery brought on by terrible floods & climate change, while entirely disregarding the 220 million people of Pakistan for a leader purportedly installed after US-instigated regime change. Are you tone-deaf?

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