February 22, 2024

FPSC Declares Written Results for CSS 2022

FPSC Declares Written Results for CSS 2022

The results of the CSS 2022 written examination have been released by the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC).

Details indicate that approximately 393 individuals, somewhat more than the 365 who were successful the year before, completed the competitive exams.

According to reports, the FPSC will soon make the list of selected candidates publicly available on its website.The chosen candidates will be contacted by FPSC for the subsequent round of screening, which entails oral interviews, medical exams, and psychological tests.

The Special CSS Examination, which will take place on May 4, 2023, and be considered the candidates’ fourth (extra) try, was previously announced by the FPSC.

The commission took this action to fill posts that have been open for a while due to a very low passing rate for applicants taking the primary CSS exam.

As per the specifics, from December 10 to December 26, 2022, FPSC will begin accepting online applications for the MCQs Based Preliminary Test (MPT) for the special test. On January 31, 2023, the MPT will be held, and on February 15, 2023, the results will be made available.

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