February 25, 2024

Bridges above the Eastbay Expressway save Gwadar from sinking

ridges above the Eastbay Expressway save Gwadar from sinking

Three bridges of the Eastbay Expressway, one of CPEC’s modern roadways, have prevented the eastern section of the coastal city from completely sinking in the middle of flash floods that threaten tragedy in many areas of Gwadar.

They have avoided many casualties and the destruction of residential and commercial structures. The opening of the three bridges served as water exits at the section of the over 19-kilometer-long, cutting-edge Eastbay Expressway, allowing torrential precipitation to pour into the ocean.

According to Imam Buksh Bozenjo, a project director for the Gwadar Port Authority (GPA), if these three bridges (underpasses) were not incorporated into the Eastbay Expressway’s final construction design in cooperation with Chinese engineers, the eastern part of Gwadar would completely flood, resulting in a high death toll and catastrophic damage to homes and infrastructures.

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