September 24, 2023
Sci & Tech

A list of permitted apps is returning to Google Play

Following public criticism, Google is changing its decision to conceal app permission lists on product listings in the Play Store.

Recently, Android Developers posted that their team was reintroducing the app permission list after listening to public feedback. “Privacy and openness are important values in the Android community,” they added.

The Android Developers claimed in their tweet that the update would return soon, even though it has still not been added to the Play Store.

To let users know which apps were collecting different types of data and whether that data was also being shared with third parties, Google introduced the Data Safety feature. But the Play Store abruptly removed the Permission list, making it impossible to see how much data an app was using.

Developers were “responsible for making comprehensive and correct statements in [their] app’s store listing on Google Play,” the business claimed.

Google had to rethink its choice as the community reacted negatively and expressed unease about a possible data breach and loss of control.

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