Jibran Nasir shares how his WhatsApp got hacked with a warning for other users

The thought of anything of ours getting hacked is a scary one — and so we feel deeply for Jibran Nasir who shared that his WhatsApp has been compromised!

“My WhatsApp got hacked today and I don’t have access to it anymore,” he wrote on his social media.

“Few friends of mine have reported the same issue. Please beware of any strange message asking for a code even if sent by a known contact,” he warned, asking his friends not to accept any messages from his WhatsApp as “a hacker is using it now”.

The lawyer and activist then shared how he got hacked:

“Got a msg on WhatsApp from my cousin’s number to send him a code as he mistakenly gave my number. Checked my SMS and saw I received a code from a number which has sent me notifications of different apps in the past. Thinking its genuine, I sent a code to my cousin [and] got hacked.”

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