An evening ‘Jashan-e-Balochistan’ marked at PNCA

Pakistan National Council of the Arts in collaboration with the government of Balochistan Monday organized a colorful evening, titled ‘Jashan-e-Balochistan’ to celeberate Balochi culture, music and dance.

National Performing Arts Group of PNCA presented different performances including a fisherman dance performed in coastal regions to depict when a prosperous fish harvest is brought to the shores of Balochistan.

According to the tradition, cheerful people of Makran in Balochistan set out in their boats before sunrise and return home at sunset with a rich haul. The dance performance captured the rhythm of the fishermen’s life.

The main pillar of Balochi dance is hand clapping (Chapps) which is a foundation for the different dances of Balochistan. Leva is another dance from Lyari Karachi which highlights the rhythm of feet.

Young artists performed a Pushto folk dance called ‘Attan’ along with some Balochi Chaap, which had varying rhythmic patterns based on hand clapping.

Safdar Ali Sarosh presented musical acts in various different languages including Hazargi (Persian) and Pushto.

A beautiful instrumental performance on Rabab by Adnan Haider also delighted the audiences.

Folk singer Liaquat Ali Balochi sang songs in Pushto, Brahvi and Balochi languages.
The event was attended by people form different walks of life including students, artists and media representatives who applauded the splendid traditional performances. PNCA’s mandate is to promote its regional culture home and abroad.

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